Wolf Creek signs welcomes visitors

It was a balmy, fall evening at 6 pm., October 7th, 2014, when the Wealth Planning Group (WPG) held its 2nd annual Oktoberfest at the Wolf Creek Brewery Tasting Room.

Wolf track

WPG hosts greet guests with a smile, warm handshake, beer tickets, and a snazzy WPG souvenir glass.

Chris and Jim greet guests
Guest, assistant, Gordana Verbeck share a laugh.
The appetizers. Mmm!
Guests redeem their complimentary tickets for adult beverages

Guests enjoyed award-winning adult beverages, such as Howlin’ Hefeweizen beer and Desperado I.P.A.

Complimentary WPG Ale glass
The brewery tour

As more guests arrived, live music with popular songs set the mood for the evening.

Later, the Wolf Creek Brew Master conducted a tour of the brewery where guests learned about the brewing process at Wolf Creek.

After the tour, guests listened as WPG’s guest speaker covered financial topics, Where are we seeing opportunities today? and What keeps us up at night? from the perspective of the fund manager.

Financial speaker
Panorama view of the Tasting Room

Yummy appetizers awaited guests: (left-to-right) spicy Sloppy Joe sliders,¬†hearty baked Mac N’ Cheese casserole, grilled chicken tenders, little baguettes,¬†sweet peanut sauce, and spicy dip. Mmm!

Brew Master

Congratulations to Wealth Planning Group with special thanks to Wolf Creek for another great Oktobefest!

Wolf tracks led WPG guests from the parking lot, past the side of the building, around the corner to friendly faces at the sign-in table, to the Tasting Room.