Comprehensive financial planning encompasses the following broad topics:

Investment Planning

Your investment portfolio serves as a means to achieving your long term goals. Therefore, we design your portfolio to be consistent with your time horizons, your tolerance for risk, and diversification appropriate for the current economic conditions.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is a life long endeavor. Ensuring there are adequate resources to continue your chosen lifestyle in later years requires careful analysis and proper allocations of current and future income.

Tax Planning

Paying more taxes than legally required will negatively affect your ability to achieve your long term goals. The judicious use of available deductions, exemption, and appropriate investments can help to minimize tax liability.

Insurance Planning

Your ability to continue to meet your long term goals despite an unexpected loss is the essence of risk management. Some risk exposures that you may face include premature death, disability, illness, property loss, liability, or unemployment. The best means for protecting against these risks for most is through the use of insurance.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is all about maintaining control. Control over how, when, and to whom all property will be distributed, control over minimizing the amount of settlement costs and taxes to be paid, control over adequately providing for the care of dependents, both financially and physically. Proper estate planning also ensures that your philanthropic wishes can be met.