One of the most important components of a comprehensive Wealth Plan, is to protect what you have worked hard to build. WPG Insurance Services, a division of the Wealth Planning Group, is a fully independent insurance agency providing for the needs of our clients.

While Insurance serves a number of purposes, the most basic of these is income replacement. Insurance provides families and businesses with a means to continue in the event of an unforseen Loss. Life insurance, both term and permanent, long term care, and disability insurance are the primary vehicles used to protect against the unpredictable.

Life Insurance:

Life insurance is also used as a wealth transfer tool for Estate Planning purposes. Some of these uses include the funding of Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, structuring Premium Finance cases, and providing for Wealth Replacement and Charitable Trust funding. Most people view life insurance as “death” insurance.

At the Wealth Planning Group, we feel differently. You don’t have to die to benefit from proper life insurance planning. WPG has found very creative ways to use the unique tax benefits and features of Life insurance to provide for Business and Retirement needs. Examples of this type of planning include:

  • Supplemental Retirement Planning for business owners and executives.
  • Qualified Retirement and Section 179 planning.
  • Funding for Buy/Sell agreements.
  • Providing Key Person Insurance.

Insurance Solutions:

WPG Insurance Services offers novel, highly sophisticated solutions tailored specifically for your situation and objectives. We work in tandem with your existing advisors to bring specialized focus and synergy to the financial and estate preservation process.